The European Commission has said it has no problem with David Davis leaving EU negotiations early

Mr Davis left the latest round of talks with the bloc’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier after an hour-long meeting in Brussels on Monday. This provoked criticism back in the UK, with opposition parties noting the talks are due to last until Thursday. An image of Mr Davis sat at a table with his EU counterpart with no papers also sparked claims Britain was unprepared.

But EU Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said: “We do not consider this as a problem and we’re not concerned about it.  “Chief negotiators do not have to be present all the time, these are well-structured talks over a week, so work is ongoing and we do not feel concerned about this.”However, Mr Schinas refused to comment on suggestions officials are frustrated by the UK side’s perceived lack of preparation. He also declined to answer questions on whether Britain had come up with counter proposals in response to Mr Barnier’s demands for a so-called “divorce bill” for leaving the EU.

The Commission will not be giving an assessment of the progress of the negotiations until Thursday, when Mr Davis is set to return for further talks and a news conference. “In my notion of the English language an assessment covers what’s positive and what’s not positive, so stay tuned,” Mr Schinas said. The spokesman said Britain’s 98 negotiators had been welcomed to Brussels and that the Commission has a team of “very good divorce lawyers”. “We don’t feel that we have been invaded, we have welcomed our negotiating partners in Article 50 negotiations yesterday and talks are ongoing as we speak,” he said.

It is understood Britain will not set out a position paper on the “divorce bill” until it is ready. It is believed to be using the talks to scrutinise the EU’s position in detail and respond to each of Brussels’ demands – including challenging some. Negotiators are believed to have found common ground on citizens’ rights despite the EU’s view that Britain’s offer is below expectations and that there must be a role for the European Court of Justice. The two sides are focusing on trying to find out where their positions are similar and most of the sessions, which are covering the financial settlement, citizens’ rights, Northern Ireland and separation issues including Europe’s civil nuclear regulator Euratom, overran. Mr Davis has been in close touch with the UK team before he returns to Brussels on Thursday.

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Is it dangerous to recreate flawed human morality in machines?

Algorithm’s aren’t human. As such, they don’t value human life. At the Institute of Cognitive Science at Osnabrück University, Germany, virtual reality has become a training ground for machine morality. Leon René Sütfeld, a Ph.D. student in cognitive science, studies human responses to danger and obstacles in traffic scenarios, using this data to train and evaluate decision-making models for algorithms. The need for ethical machines may be one of the defining issues of our time. Algorithms are created to govern critical systems in our society, from banking to medicine, but with no concept of right and wrong, machines cannot understand the repercussions of their actions.

A machine has never thrown a punch in a schoolyard fight, cheated on a test or a relationship, or been rapt with the special kind of self-doubt that funds our cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Simply put, an ethical machine will always be an it – but how can it be more? In Sütfeld’s study, 105 participants were given control of a virtual car and asked to choose what to sacrifice and what to save. As if this wasn’t already a pretty horror-movie-esque scenario, it’s accompanied by a ticking clock. The tests are designed not only to examine how we evaluate human life, but also the realities of time-pressures in dangerous situations. Ask yourself: a man and a woman block the road, which do you hit? A deer or a rabbit – Bambi or Thumper?

Participants donned Oculus Rift headsets to find themselves in the driver’s seat of a virtual car heading down your average suburban road. Average with one mild exception – a constant, ever-creeping fog ahead. Not at all ominous. Children and passing deer are among the obstacles that emerge from the mist, blocking one lane at a time. While drivers can change lanes, collision grows more certain as the hands of the clock tick by. Two obstacles, either living or inanimate will eventually appear to block both lanes of the road – forcing an knee-jerk decision of either 1 or 4 seconds between which to save and which to hit. Either way, the impact results in darkness – the screen fades to black at the moment of impact, marking the end of the trial. If it sounds like a video game, it is. But basic models such as this are how Sütfeld learns to distinguish between the angel or devil on your shoulder.

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Lenovo laptop ThinkPad series about Industrial Design

Lenovo laptop in the developement of the thinkpad series of the 700C also involved a close working relationship between Sapper and Kazuhiko Yamazaki, lead notebook designer at IBM’s Yamato Design Center in Japan and liaison between Sapper and Yamato engineering. This 1990-1992 “pre-Internet” collaboration between Italy and Japan was facilitated by a special Sony digital communications system that transmitted high-res images over telephone lines. This system was established in several key global Design Centers by Hardy so IBM designers could visually communicate more effectively and interact directly with Sapper for advice on their projects. For his innovative design management leadership during ThinkPad development, Hardy was named “innovator of the Year 1992” by PC Magazine. Since 1992, the ThinkPad design has been regularly updated, developed and refined over the years by Sapper and the respective teams at IBM and later Lenovo, which included Yamazaki, Tom Takahashi, Sam Lucente and, since 1995, David Hill, Vice President of User Experience & Design, who leads and manages the design/user experience of ThinkPad. Hill’s approach to maintaining the evolution of Sapper’s original ThinkPad design is analogous to how Porsche manages evolution of the classic 911.


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Google will no longer read your emails to personalise adverts

Google will no longer scan through the content of personal emails, the company has said in a blog post. The move is designed to restore confidence among business users, to ensure the confidentiality of their operations. Since the creation of Gmail 13 years ago, Google has analysed content on personal accounts in order to target account holders with tailored adverts. In 2014, these email scanning practices were clarified in a terms of service update, stating that incoming and outgoing emails were analysed by automated software. This system would only target customers using the free version of Gmail for personal use. The description of this service from 2014 stated: “Our automated systems analyse your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customised search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored. “This feature is compulsory and cannot be turned off. In contrast, users of its business offering, G Suite, have never had their emails scanned. “G Suite’s Gmail is already not used as input for ads personalisation,” writes Diane Greene, the senior vice president in charge of Google Cloud.

“Google has decided to follow suit later this year in our free consumer Gmail service. Consumer Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalisation after this change.”While Google claims G Suite customers, who pay Google for use of a portfolio of web apps including Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar and Contacts, have never had their messages scanned for use in advertising, business emails have been scanned for other features. Administrative features that use scanning are still available in G Suite, such as security scans designed to pick up spam, hacking and phishing attempts. Customers on personal accounts will no longer have their emails analysed. Advertisement personalisation will continue to be a feature across the service, using data derived from activity on users’ profiles, Google searches, browsing activity, and location tracking.

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Facebook to give free advertising to anti-terror groups

Facebook will give free advertising to anti-terror groups in an attempt to counter extremism after it was accused of allowing radical propaganda to flourish online. The social network will today promise a new crackdown on hate speech and videos glorifying violence with a UK-focused “counter speech” campaign. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, said there was “no place for hate or violence” on Facebook and that “we all have a part to play” in fighting terror. Facebook will give groups including the Jo Cox Foundation and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue advertising credits to promote their messages to individuals that might be at risk of radicalisation. It is hoped that the adverts will be able to counter a barrage of extremist propaganda, which have come into focus after recent attacks in London and Manchester.


lenovoblogTerrorist groups including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) have tried to exploit Facebook and other social media sites to recruit impressionable users, and internet companies have been accused of failing to address the problem. “No one should have to live in fear of terrorism, and we all have a part to play in stopping violent extremism from spreading,” Sandberg said.“There is no place for hate or violence on Facebook. Partnerships with others – including tech companies, civil society, researchers and governments – are a crucial piece of the puzzle.” As well as providing free advertising to non-profit groups, Facebook says it will fund research into the best way to fight terror online and train organisations on how to respond to it. Facebook has come under pressure to do more to address extremism and hate speech. A report from MPs earlier this year accused social media firms of putting profits before users’ safety by not removing material more quickly. This week, Theresa May promised to “stamp out extremist and hateful ideology” online.

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Quick Fix Tips For Liquid Spill on Laptop

You love your portable computer that you just visit the extent of securing it with workplace or your supplier for times once needed. However, it typically happens that once the time of would like comes you get panicky. as an example, you by mistake spill low or your young child spills soda water over it then all you’ll be able to think about is immediate fix to the matter. The liquid that lands directly on the keyboard and starts oozing middle the keys offers you a sense of helplessness. All you are doing is instantly take away the facility adapter and also the battery to attenuate the injury. However, there square measure few additional things that you just will do to avoid wasting the day. Given here square measure fixing solutions for fixing liquid spilled on portable computer.

Leaving it to air dry

If you’re questioning regarding what to try to to with the spilled drink or water then the immediate resolution is to show it the other way up to let the liquid out. you must let it air dry rather than in real time attempting to scrub it. Leave it because it is for a jiffy to let the air dry it naturally, if needed keep it close to an acquaintance to dry it off. However, you want to refrain from employing a hair-dryer or another reasonably heat to dry it off as this can solely cause additional injury. the fragile parts and also the plastic like keys square measure at risk of heat and may be broken or soften. once you square measure certain that it’s utterly dry then you’ll be able to check the place wherever you spilled the liquid. If it’s dry then you’ll be able to power on your portable computer.

Cleaning employing a drying agent

If you’re questioning if there’s anything that you just will do to avoid wasting your contrivance then there’s. employing a drying agent is in a different way of saving the day. A drying agent could be a substance that helps in drawing out the liquid that’s soaked deep within the keyboard crevices. For this, you need the following:

A large instrumentality as huge as your laptopA plastic tub that features a lid to hide it upA tape for making associate degree airtight seal

The trick is straightforward, top off the instrumentality with raw rice and submerge the portable computer. currently placed on the lid and seal it with a tape. Let it keep for two days minimum, then take it out and brush aside the rice. Use a soft artefact to wipe it clean. currently you’ll be able to power it on.

Using delicate cleaner

The worst issue that ever happens is that spill on your keyboard that annoys you and is horrific. currently during this state of affairs it’s wise that you just take away the keyboard. this is often essential to induce to the purpose wherever the liquid is spilled. For this you’ll be able to refer the support section on the web site of aftermarket or a clever instrumentation Manufacturer. parenthetically for fast you’re exploitation Acer portable computer then examine their web site for manuals, equally if you’re exploitation Lenovo portable computer then do a similar. Another issue would be to will get involved with a tekki UN agency can assist you with the way to. Then employing a soft artefact and a gentle cleaner you’ll be able to wipe the remaining liquid off.

Using alcohol based mostly formulation

Now if you were facing a spill bother like alcohol or the other damaging liquid then surface cleanup wouldn’t work. you may would like over that. the most effective issue you’ll be able to do is use a pure alcohol as this could evaporate while not departure any residue. Then let it dry for 2 days.

If in any case you have got tried all the preceding techniques and these don’t seem to be operating then you need immediate technical facilitate.

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Take a Smooth Ride With Lenovo Support

The latest of the International client natural philosophy Show witnessed the caliber that Lenovo hold. it’s reported to own bagged twenty two awards and honors light innovation, style and flexibility within the laptop business. Most notably, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga mixing ultrabook and pill options, won eleven awards from outstanding business publications as well as, in style Mechanics, portable computer and Tom’s Guide all light its groundbreaking hybrid practicality, distinctive style and innovative engineering. The Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 All-In-One won PCWorld’s Best Desktop award for its advanced applied science and classy style. The accomplishment not solely boasts of its innovative trend however underscores the sensitivity of the complete to grasp people’s sense and expectation.


Like alternative mechanical merchandise Lenovo machines ar vulnerable to computer code and hardware problems. With a motive to deliver on-demand support the complete has its own portfolio i.e. Lenovo Support. The portal offers a spread of solutions below classes as well as laptop setup and installation, computer code update and upgrade, web and networking, laptop and portable computer repair, viruses and spyware removal and a lot of. The service may be procured through the secure web association or over the subscriber line, in order that you apprehend right wherever you’re. Days ar gone after you wont to ferry on your machine at fix-it shop or wait with bated breath for a technician to require care of it.


Now, simply dial on the Lenovo Support range and technician are going to be next to your door. Virtual technician work on your Lenovo system within the same manner as a technician sitting before will. He will install, activate, update, upgrade and repair computer code merchandise and might setup, assemble and network your peripherals with success. Moreover, you’ll be able to take a take a look at ride before process the costs or fees for the service. Being an aftermarket the merchandise leverages doors to Microsoft Support, IBM support, and a lot of thus you do not ought to get frightened with problems that have surfaced as a result of alternative application computer code, and hooked up peripherals.


The Lenovo facilitate portal holds a decent stuff of knowledgebase articles, user manuals, drivers & computer code transfer section, video tutorials, and a lot of to guide you with the Lenovo troubleshooting service. Collect data to mend frequent problems like Windows lock-ups, and hangs, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), slow performance, and more. If your Windows has been affected badly then go along with the Rescue and Recovery program matching the system computer code version. you’ll be able to transfer and install the Sysprepbackup accent package as a secure abode for your valuable information, e-mails and files. Some suppliers do give Auto-Detect tool that may diagnose and scan the resources to sight the cause behind Lenovo product problems.


Discover a lot of with Windows Recovery Utility that’s shipped within the electrical device. lenovo client support offers a spread of repair choices as well as Startup repair, System Repair, System Recovery Image, Windows Memory Diagnostic Tools, Command Prompts and set up Windows that ar effective and easy-to-implement. Besides, Windows Update, installation and update of compatible security product, acceptable browser and e-mail settings, etc., may be a boon for the system, and might defend it against a bunch of potential problems.

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